Papers by Mun S. Ho.

Papers on U.S. economic growth, productivity

  • Education, Participation and the revival of U.S. Economic Growth, forthcoming, earlier version presented at CRIW conference on Education, Oct 16 2015.
  • The Impact of Information Technology on Post-War U.S. Growth, Telecommunications Policy 40(5): 398-411, 2016 (with Jorgenson and  Samuels).

·         “Long-term Estimates of U.S. Productivity and Growth” forthcoming in Jorgenson, Fukao  and Timmer (eds) Growth and Stagnation in the World Economy. Earlier version presented at Third World KLEMS Conference, Tokyo, May 19 2014. Draft

  • Outlook for U.S. Economic Growth. Lessons from a Prototype Industry-level Production Account for the U.S., in Lindsey (ed.) Understanding the Growth Slowdown, Cato Institute, Washington, 2015. (with Jorgenson and  Samuels).
  • What will revive U.S. Economic Growth? Lessons from a prototype industry-level production Account for the United States, Journal of Policy Modeling, 36(4):654-673, 2014 (with Jorgenson and  Samuels).
  • Economic Growth in the Information Age. Presentation at NBER/CRIW July 15, 2013 (with Jorgenson and  Samuels).
  • A Prototype Industry-Level Production Account for the United States, 1947-2010, (earlier version presented at World KLEMS Conference, Cambridge, August 2012) (with Jorgenson and  Samuels).
  • Information Technology and U.S. Productivity Growth: Evidence from a Prototype Industry Production Account, Journal of Productivity Analysis, 36(2):159-175, 2011. (with Jorgenson, Samuels) 
  • “Information Technology and U.S. Productivity Growth: Evidence from a Prototype Industry Production Account,” in Matilde Mas and Robert Stehrer (eds.) Industrial Productivity in Europe: Growth and Crisis, Edward Elgar, 2011
  • New Data on U.S. Productivity Growth by Industry, presented at World KLEMS, Cambridge, MA, Aug 2010. (with Jorgenson, Samuels)  draft
  • U.S. Labor Supply and Demand in the Long Run, in Journal of Policy Modeling, 30(4):603-618, July 2008. (with Jorgenson, Goettle, Slesnick, Wilcoxen)
  • A Retrospective Look at the U.S. Productivity Growth Resurgence,  Journal of Economic Perspectives, Winter 2008. Also Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Report no. 277, Feb. 2007 (with Jorgenson & Stiroh) draft
  • The Industry Origins of the American. Productivity Growth, Economic Systems Research, September 2007 (with Jorgenson & Stiroh) earlier draft
  • Potential Growth of the U.S. Economy: Will the Productivity Resurgence Continue? Business Economics, January, 67-76, 2006 (with Jorgenson & Stiroh) earlier draft
  • Growth of U.S. Industries and Investments in Information Technology and Higher Education, in Carol Corrado, John Haltiwanger, Daniel Sichel (eds.) Measuring Capital in the New Economy, National Bureau of Economic Research,The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2005
  • "Measuring the contribution of ICTs to Economic Growth in Canadian and US industries," presented at Conf on Index Number Theory, 2004 (with S. Rao and J. Tang) pdf
  • Will the U.S. Productivity Resurgence Continue? In Current Issues in Economics and Finance, Federal  Reserve Bank of New York, Vol 10, No. 13, December 2004. (with Jorgenson & Stiroh)
  • "Lessons from the U.S. Growth Resurgence" in Journal of Policy Modeling, 25(5):453-470,  2003 (with Jorgenson & Stiroh)
  • "Projecting Productivity Growth: Lessons from the U.S. Growth Resurgence" in Economic Review, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Q3:1-13 2002 (with Jorgenson & Stiroh)
  • A Comparison of Industrial Productivity Growth in Canada and the U.S. (& W.Gu) American Economic Review May 2000.
  • The Quality of the U.S. Workforce 1948-95 (PDF) (& Jorgenson, 1999)

Tax and environmental policy modeling:

  • “Carbon Taxes and Fiscal Reform in the United States”, National Tax Journal, 68(1): 121-138, 2015. Earlier version presented at AERE Banff 2013 (with D. Jorgenson, Richard Goettle and Peter Wilcoxen).
  • Energy, the Environment and U.S. Economic Growth Handbook of CGE Modeling (2012) (with D. Jorgenson, Richard Goettle and Peter Wilcoxen).
  • “Carbon Pricing with Output Based Subsidies: Impact on U.S. Industries over Multiple Time Frames,” Resources for the Future Discussion Paper, 12-27, June 2012 (with Adkins, Garbaccio, Moore, Morgenstern).
  • “Effects of Provisions in the Internal Revenue Code on Greenhouse Gas Emissions,” report to the Board on Science, Technology and Economic Policy of The National Academies, April 2012. NAS Report (eds. Nordhaus, Merrill, Beaton)
  • “The Distributional Impact of Climate Policy”, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 10(2) (Symposium), Article 17, 2010. (earlier version at Energy Policy Symposium, Washington DC, January 20 2010 Draft).
  • The Impact of Carbon Price Policies on U.S. Industry Output and Employment, (with Richard Morgenstern and Jhih-Shyang Shih, September) RFF Disc. Paper 2008
  • The Economic Costs of a Market-based Climate Policy, Pew Center on Global Climate Change White Paper, April 2008. (with Jorgenson, Goettle, Wilcoxen, Jin, Schoennagel)
  • "Energy and U.S. Economic Growth in the next Thirty Years: The Role of Information Technology and Technical Change" (with D. Jorgenson, Richard Goettle and Peter Wilcoxen, September 2004) pdf
  • "The Near-Term Impacts of Carbon Mitigation Policies on Manufacturing Industries" Energy Policy, 32:1825-1841, 2004  (with R. Morgenstern, J. Shih, X. Zhang) (RFF Disc. Paper 2002)
  • "Educational Policies to Stimulate Growth" in Using Dynamic General Equilibrium Models for Policy Analysis ed. Harrison, Jensen, Pedersen, Rutherford, North Holland, 2000 (with D. Jorgenson)
  • The role of substitution in understanding the costs of climate change policy, report to Pew Center on Global Climate Change, September 2000 (with Dale Jorgenson, Richard J. Goettle, Peter J. Wilcoxen) (Pew Climate paper)
  • Stabilization of Carbon Emissions and International Competitiveness of U.S. Industries (in Dale Jorgenson, Growth Vol.2, MIT Press 1998)
  • Environmental Regulation and U.S. Trade (in Dale Jorgenson, Growth Vol.2, MIT Press 1998)
  • Modeling Trade Policies and U.S. Growth: Some methodological issues. (in The Economic Implications of Liberalizing APEC Tariff and Nontariff Barriers to Trade, USITC Publication 3101Session 10, April 1998) 
  • Revenue, Progressivity and the Flat Tax (& Stiroh)
    Contemporary Economic Policy January 1998
  • Trade Policy and U.S. Economic Growth, Journal of Policy Modelling 16(22):119-146, 1994

China economic growth and environmental policy

·         “Impacts of Carbon Pricing in Reducing the Carbon Intensity of China’s GDP,” World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 7735, June 2016

·         Household Energy Demand in Urban China: Accounting for Regional Prices and Rapid Income Change, forthcoming Energy Journal. Draft  presented at 3rd EAAERE Conference, Huangshan, February 2013; presented at RUSE 2nd International Workshop, Beijing June 2013 (with Cao and Liang)

·         “Commentary: Environmental Policy Issues in the “New Normal” Era of China.” In Resources May 2016

·         “Green Growth for China?” In Resources January 2015

·         重塑未来: 未来20 年的中国与世界, 清华大学能源环境经济研究所 (Reshaping the Future: China and the World in the next 20 years, Tsinghua University, Institute for Energy and Environmental Economics) (with Tsinghua University team) draft Chapter with Jing Cao.

  • “Green Growth (for China): A Literature Review,” RFF Discussion Paper 14-22, 2014 (with Zhongmin Wang)
  • Reconciling Control of Carbon and Air Pollution with Economic Growth in China, in The Chinese Economy: A New Transition, (eds) Masahiko Aoki and Jinglian Wu. Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. (with Jing Cao and Dale Jorgenson).
  • Technology, Development and the Environment Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 59(1):94-108, 2010 (with Karen Fisher-Vanden).
  • China's 11th Five-Year Plan and the Environment: Reducing SO2 Emissions, Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. 3(2):231-250, Summer 2009 (with Jing Cao and Richard Garbaccio).
  • The Local and Global Benefits of Green Tax Policies in China, Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 3(2):189-208, Summer 2009 (with Cao and Jorgenson).
  • Greening China: Market-based policies for air-pollution control, Harvard Magazine, 111(1), September 2008. (with Jorgenson)
  • "Industrial and Aggregate Measures of Productivity Growth in China, 1982-2000" The Review of Income and Wealth, 55(s1):485-513, July 2009 (with Jing Cao, D. Jorgenson, Ruoen Ren, Linlin Sun, Ximing Yue) earlier draft.
  • How Do Market Reforms Affect China's Responsiveness to Environmental Policy? Journal of Development Economics, 82(1):200-233, January, 2007 (with Karen Fisher-Vanden)
  • Intake fractions of industrial air pollutants in China: Estimation and application Science of The Total Environment. 354:127-141, 2006 (with Shuxiao Wang, J. Hao, J. Li and Y. Lu)
  • Air pollution in China: Sector Allocation of Emissions and Health Damage (with Jorgenson, Oct 2003) (PDF)
  • Market policies to control air pollution in China (with Jorgenson, Oct 2003) (PDF)
  • "Productivity Growth in China, 1981-95" (with D. Jorgenson, September 2001) pdf
  • The Health Benefits of Controlling Carbon Emissions in China (PDF) in OECD, Proceedings of Workshop on Assessing the Ancillary Benefits and Costs of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies, Washington, March 2000 (Garbaccio, Ho, Jorgenson )
  • Why has the energy output ratio fallen in China? Energy Journal July 1999 (with Garbaccio and Jorgenson)
  • Controlling Carbon Emissions in China, Environment and Development Economics October 1999 (with Garbaccio and Jorgenson)
  • China's Economic Growth and Carbon Emissions (& Dwight Perkins)  (in Energizing China, (eds.) McElroy, Nielsen, Lydon 1998) 

Papers on growth, finance, black markets and credit markets:

  • "International labor migration and Social Security", Journal of Population Economics, 2004, 17:535-551 (with Doris Geide-Stevenson)
  • Inflation, Growth and Parallel Offshore Accounts (with Richard Barnett, May 2001)
  • "Finding Cointegration Rank in High Dimensional Systems Using the Johansen
    Test. An Illustration Using Data Based Monte Carlo Simulation" Review of Economics and Statistics, 78(4): 726-732, 1996 (with Bent Sorensen)
  • "A Continuous Time Arbitrage Pricing Model with Stochastic Volatility and Jumps," Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 14(1): 31-43, 1996. (with William Perraudin and Bent Sorensen)
  • "Sunspots, Asset Substitution in Foreign Currency, and Public Deficits" Journal of International Economics, 41(2): 73-93, 1996 (with Richard Barnett)
  • "Credit Market Imperfections and Human Capital Accumulation" (with Saqib Jafarey, 1999) (Essex Disc. Paper)
  • The Behavior of Black Market Exchange Rates in 4 South American countries (1995).
  • Inflation, Black Market Exchange Rates, and Economic Growth (May 1999) (PDF)

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