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Institute for Quantitative Social Science
Harvard University
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China Project, Harvard SEAS

Pierce Hall G2B, 29 Oxford St., Cambridge

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Also Resources for the Future
1616 P St. N.W.,  Washington  DC 20016

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Recent work:

  The Impact of Information Technology on Post-War U.S. Growth, Telecommunications Policy (2016).

  Household energy demand in urban China: Accounting for regional prices and rapid income change, Energy Journal (2016). Draft

  Carbon Taxes and Fiscal Reform in the United States, National Tax Journal  (2015)
  China and the New Climate Economy.
Chapter “Economic and Emissions Outlook” (2014)

  Green Growth (for China): A Literature Review,” RFF Discussion Paper 14-22 (2014)

  What will revive U.S. Economic Growth? Journal of Policy Modeling (2014)


I am an economist at the Harvard China Project and IQSS working on productivity measurement and environmental policy analysis.
Papers on measuring and projecting US productivity growth with Dale Jorgenson, Kevin Stiroh (NY Fed) and Jon Samuels (BEA) are listed here.

At the China Project in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences we constructed a multi-sector model of the Chinese economy to analyze energy and environmental policies.

Our numerical model of the US economy (Peter WilcoxenRichard Goettle,  Dan Slesnick and Jorgenson) -- IGEM, Intertermporal General Equilibrium Model, has been used to analyze environmental, trade and tax policies. List of papers. Click here for our contributions to the analyses at the EPA Climate Change Division.

For another listing of papers by this group please go to Dale Jorgenson's webpage and click on "Recent Papers". Some data for our productivity studies may be found on the Harvard Dataverse. Our contribution of U.S. productivity data to the European Union Productivity Project may be found on their webpage, EUKLEMS. Recent updates are at the World KLEMS webpage. Work on productivity comparisons with Canada may be found at the Industry Canada website.

My work at Resources for the Future includes analysis of carbon mitigation policies.



Double Dividend: Environmental Taxes
and Fiscal Reform in the US (2013)


Clearer Skies Over China: Reconciling
Air Quality, Climate and Economic Goals (2013)


See China Project for research summary.


Information Technology and the
American Growth Resurgence (2005)

Clearing the Air: The Health and Economic

Damages of Air Pollution in China (2007)


Papers on Growth and Environmental Policy in the China

Papers on time series econometrics with Bent Sorensen and  William Perraudin.

Papers on international finance and growth with Richard Barnett, Doris Geide-Stevenson and Saqib Jafarey.

Papers at Social Science Research Network

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