Congress, the Bureaucracy, the Parties and the State


Political Science 489, Section 002

Professor Daniel P. Carpenter

Department of Political Science

University of Michigan



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Ford School Annex 319

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Where: Espresso Royale [State St., just off Diag]

Office Hours: Wednesday 4 PM-6PM (otherwise by appointment)


Discussion Papers & Assignments


Syllabus [html] [pdf]
Note: This syllabus is long (about 19 pages), the main reason for which is that many supplementary (optional) readings are included.


Readings for the Course

All books are available at Shaman Drum Bookstore. There is also a coursepack available there.

Beisel, Nicola Imperiled Innocents: Anthony Comstock and Family Reproduction in Victorian America (Princeton)
Carpenter, Daniel P. The Forging of Bureaucratic Autonomy (Princeton)
Fink, Leon Major Problems of of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
Foner, Eric A Short History of Reconstruction (Harper Perennial)
North, Douglass C. Institutions, Institutional Change, and Economic Performance (Cambridge)
Sanders, Elizabeth Roots of Reform: Farmers, Workers and the American State, 1877-1917 (Chicago)
Skocpol, Theda Protecting Soldiers and Mothers (Harvard)
Skowronek, Stephen Building a New American State (Cambridge)
Woodward, C. Vann The Strange Career of Jim Crow (Oxford)



All lectures will be given in Angell G115, and will be based in Powerpoint. After (sometimes before) class I will make the class slides available to students on the Internet (in PDF or in HTML format). You should not use these notes as a substitute for attending lecture.




Lecture 1 [9/5/2001] - Introduction to the Class

Lecture 2 [9/10/2001] - Analytic Political History

Lecture 3 [9/17/2001] - Transactions-Cost Theories of Institutional Change

Lecture 4 [9/19/2001] - Historical Institutionalist Theories of Institutional Change

Lecture 5 [9/24/2001] - Culturalist and Critical Theories of Institutional Change

Lecture 6 [9/26/2001] - The Politics of Reconstruction

Lecture 7 [10/1/2001] - Foundations of Republican Dominance

Lecture 8 [10/3/2001] - Organized Challenges: Labor

Lecture 9 [10/8/2001] - Organized Challenges: Agrarians & 1896

Lecture 10 [10/10/2001] - Patronage & Social Spending

Lecture 11 [10/15/2001] - The 1885 Spending Reforms

Lecture 12 [10/17/2001] - Labor, Socialism and Social Insurance

Lecture 13 [10/22/2001] - Comstockery and the Structural Politics of Gender

Lecture 14 [10/24/2001] - Suffrage and the Structural Politics of Gender

Lecture 15 [10/29/2001] - The Merit System in the U.S. Civil Service

Lecture 16 [10/31/2001] -- The Rise of the Independent Regulatory Commission

Lecture 17 [11/5/2001] -- The Party System & the Revolt Against Congressional Centralization

Lecture 18 [11/7/2001] -- The Committee System and the Decline of Party

Lecture 19 [11/12/2001] -- Executive/bureaucratic rationalization and centralization

Lecture 20 [11/14/2001] -- Struggles over Regulation I: The Sherman Act

Lecture 21 [11/19/2001] -- Struggles over Regulation II: Railroads again

Lecture 22 [11/26/2001] -- Social movements & bureaucratic power (forests and food)

Lecture 23 [11/28/2001] -- Jim Crow and the Progressive Policy Paradox

Lecture 24 [12/3/2001] -- Dissolution of the Progressive Order and the New Deal Realignment

Lecture 25 [12/5/2001] -- State capacity and policy creation (agriculture & industry)

Lecture 26 [12/10/2001] -- Entrenchment and behavior of regulatory agencies

Lecture 27 [12/12/2001] -- New Deal, WWII, and the institutional presidency