Third-Rate Fly Fishing by Dan Carpenter

The exhilaration of seeing a 3-inch brook trout pounce on your fly, fight like there's no tomorrow, leap out of the water, and bust off.

The thrill of casting a line to rising rainbows on the world-famous Au Sable River, hooking up again and again, and reeling in bluegill after bluegill.

The awesome power of casting to tarpon and bonefish on the flats and catching jack.

The raw confidence of knowing that you, alone, without any help from a guide or a how-to book, can snag any juniper bush, any tag alder shrub, any low-lying mangrove branch...anywhere.

This is the Dan Carpenter Fly Fishing Experience.

Androscoggin River, September 2012 [slideshow]

Arctic char in Greenland and Iceland, August 2012

Greenland [#1] [#2] [#3 -- nice spots] Iceland [#1] [bringing #2 in] [#2] [releasing #2]

Grayling fishing on the Moselle (France), November 2011 [pics at Google docs]

Double the Pleasure on the Bruche, Alsace, October 2011 [file at Google docs]

Les Farios et les Ombres sur la Bruche, Alsace, September and October 2011 [file at Google docs]

A Day on the Haute Bruche, Alsace, September 2011 [file at Google docs]

Sea trout from Iceland August 2011, small but cute, plus some other pics [pics at Google docs]

Westfield River, Labor Day 2009 [pdf]

Big pike caught on 6-wt, June 2009, northern Ontario [pic]

August 2008 – A 15 lb Atlantic Salmon from the St. Mary’s River, Sault Ste Marie, Canada [pic]

Fishing on the Westfield River May 2008 [pics, in pdf]

Montana fishing, February 2008 [pics, in pdf]

[my cousin pete with a 21-inch brown, jaw the size of John Kerry's]

[me with a nice brown #1] [me with a nice brown #2] [nice brown in the hand]

Lots of wild fish from Michigan, Summer 2007 [pics, in pdf]

Pictures from Colorado , June 2007 [pics, in pdf]

Nice brown from the Millers' River, May 2007 [pics, in pdf]

Boneheads Canada 2005 [coming soon]

Boneheads Canada 2003 [coming soon]

Colorado Trip May 2003

(A Spinney Reservoir brown) (Another) (A Spinney bow)

(Rick Hall gearing up for the Pan) (a brown from the Pan)

(a monster brown from Spinney in the net) (monster in the hand)

Swift River (MA), October 2002

(the fish) (the y-pool)

A Cattaraugus Creek smallie, August 2002

(the fish) (the falls)

Au Sable White Fly Hatch, August 2002

(A bow) (Gammo) (Gammo en banc) (Gammo's bow) (Bow at night on white fly) (Bow the next morning)

Some Animas River 'bows from February 2002

(Animas #1) (Animas #2) (Animas #3)

Two San Juan bruisers from February 2001 (pic1) (pic2)

[Upper CO River whitefish] [Upper CO River pic1 pic2] [Roaring Fork catch]

Photos from Colorado trip June 2001



My first wild Pacific Steelhead on the fly (Rogue River October 2003) (pic1) (pic2) (pic3)

Buffalo Steelheading -- Cattaraugus Creek (December 2007) [pics, in pdf]

Pic of Largest Steelhead from December 2007 trip, about 27 inches [JPEG (note: appr 4mb file)]

April 2009 on the Muskegon River [pdf, includes some walleye pics]

I occasionally post as "Professor Steel" at the Steelhead Site. Check it out.


Note: All of the trout, steelhead, salmon, grayling and bass in these pictures were released. An occasional walleye or pike was kept, because nothing beats a fresh walleye filet with a side of Labatt's.