Daniel Carpenter

Freed Professor of Government

Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University


Department of Government
Center for Government and International Studies [CGIS]
Harvard University
Cambridge , Massachusetts 02138 USA

Director, Social Science Academic Ventures, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

Curriculum Vita


Other Affiliated Institutions:

École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France [Professeur Invité, Spring 2014]

Sciences Po Strasbourg, Institut d'Études Politiques, Strasbourg, France [Enseignant-Chercheur Visitant, 2011-2012; Professeur Invité, 2012 - ]

Interview with Sciences Po, Spring 2012 (pdf)

Research Scholar, The Tobin Project, Cambridge, Massachusetts


Recent Writings

Party Formation through Petitions: The Whigs and the Bank War of 1832-1834, with Benjamin Schneer, Studies in American Political Development 29 (2) (October 2015) 213-34

When Canvassers Became Activists: Antislavery Petitioning and the Political Mobilization of American Women, with Colin D. Moore, American Political Science Review 108 (3) (August 2014) 479-98

Target small firms for antibiotic innovation, with Thomas J. Hwang and Aaron S. Kesselheim, Science, 344 (May 30, 2014) 6187: 967-969

Book: Preventing Regulatory Capture, with David Moss (Cambridge University Press, 2013)

La pétition antiesclavagiste américaine au 19eme siècle -- Leçons et possibilités de recherches comparatives [presented at conference "Pétitionner," Paris, March 2013]

The Complications of Controlling Agency Time Discretion: FDA Deadlines and Postmarket Drug Safety [American Journal of Political Science, 2012]

Political Institutions & North American Political History

Studies in American Political Development

The Petition and Republican Government [NEH Digitization Project on Digitization of Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Petitions]

The State and Capitalism since 1800 (seminar)

Political Economy of Government Regulation

Pharmaceutical Regulation: FDA PROJECT

Book: Reputation and Power: Organizational Image and Pharmaceutical Regulation at the FDA (Princeton, 2010) [see data and other particulars at the FDA Project page or book page for this site.]

Book: Preventing Regulatory Capture, with David Moss (Cambridge University Press, 2013)

Financial Safety and Consumer Protection Regulation

Bureaucratic Politics and Organization

Stochastic Models of Behavioral/Bounded Rationality

Placebo Learning and Placebo Effects

Media Behavior and Agenda Setting


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Fall 2014

Government 3001 -- Approaches to Politics [syllabus]

The Development of Political Institutions and Organizations, 1650-1860 [GOVT 94hk]


Selected Courses from Earlier Semesters:

Spring 2014

The Theory and Practice of Republican Government [United States & the World 20]

American Politics Research Workshop [GOVT 3004]

Fall 2012

The Politics and Behavior of Bureaucratic Organizations [GOVT 2500; Graduate Course]

Spring 2010

Bureaucratic Politics: Military, Government, Economic and Social Organizations [GOVT 1521]

Advanced Topics in Health Policy [GOVT 1597]

Others Previously Taught:

The Development of Political Institutions and Organizations, 1650-1860 [GOVT 2515]

Introduction to American Government [GOVT 30] [Undergraduate]

The Political Economy of Government Regulation [GOVT 2332] [Graduate]

Development of American Political Institutions, 1865-1945

Stochastic Models of Political Economy (Graduate Methods Course)